From 2009 to 2012, I covered bicyclists’ rights, arts & events, music, culture, and local news for the popular Los Angeles news and entertainment website. Below are just a few of my favorite stories; for a full list of clips from LAist, click here.
(Please note, I am no longer an active contributor.)

A Day in the Life of Mobile Food: Rolling with the Grilled Cheese Truck
By the time Ruby returns home sometime between midnight to 2 a.m., she’s easily served well over 500 sandwiches throughout her day to hundreds of hungry Angelenos.

March 2011 Elections: Meet The Candidate series
To prepare for the upcoming March 8, 2011 elections, LAist has contacted each candidate on the City of L.A.’s Official Candidate List to participate in a Q&A.

LAPD Questioned About Treatment of Cyclists
After being no-shows at last week’s Transportation Committee meeting, LAPD appeared before councilmembers and cyclists yesterday, only to be met by harsh criticism.

South West Barista Competition Draws Foodies, Coffeelitists
Baristas hailing from Hawaii to Colorado to sunny L.A. brewed their hearts out last weekend to compete for the No. 1 title at the South West Regional Barista Competition.

Versace, Missoni and Others Take on Opera in ‘Il Teatro Alla Moda’ Exhibit
The front row only accommodates so many spectators, and so a lucky handful are fortunate enough to see theater up-close-and-personal.

Then & Now: The Landmarks of L.A. Noire
It’s 1947: Earlier this year, Elizabeth Short was found dead in Leimert Park, KTLA channel 5 made its television broadcast debut, and LAPD Det. Cole Phelps was out on the streets busting the bad guys.

More L.A. Noire: The Google Maps And Self-Guided Tour Edition
Didn’t get enough of your L.A. Noire fix with last week’s then-and-now photo gallery?

A Park a Day: The Cobb Estate (or the Haunted Forest), Altadena
In Altadena, four miles north of the 210 freeway at the end of Lake Avenue, lies a 107-acre playground for hikers and explorers called the Cobb Estate. Some may know it as the “haunted forest.”

Marionette Theatre Now a Cultural Landmark
L.A.’s master of puppets officially became a part of history as the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre was declared an historic cultural monument by the city of Los Angeles yesterday.

Buy Peggy Lee’s Clothing and More at K-Town’s New Bellejar Vintage
Over the past year, friends Katie Stratton and Jayde DiVita had been on a nation-wide search for the best clothing to stock the store they planned to open together.

What’s Next for Bicycle Licenses? City Panel Discusses
Although City Council repealed the bicycle license law earlier this month, the issue continued to be a point of discussion between officials and bike advocates.

Metro Proposes Canning Rush-Hour Bike-on-Rail Ban, Limiting Bikes Per Railcar
At yesterday’s Metro meeting, officials said they may do with the current rush-hour bike-on-rail ban to accommodate the system’s growing cyclist ridership, but they’re also considering implementing a two-bike-per-car rule.

City Panel Explores the Idea of Banning Bicycle Sidewalk Riding
Bicyclists quickly shot down the city’s idea of possibly making it illegal to ride on sidewalks. During the Transportation Committee meeting last Wednesday, advocates said changing the vehicular code won’t ensure that all cyclists will be aware of the law.