Pacific San Diego magazine

All That Glitters
Gloss, which launched in Pacific Beach, highlights at-your-service vibes and affordable merch — crop tops, rompers, casual-cool dresses, evening gowns, shoes, accessories and more for as low $5 and rarely over $120.

A Shot at Success
After being honorably discharged from the Army, Marcelin Saturne decided to aim high. Following his heart’s orders, Saturne sold everything he owned and moved from New Jersey to San Diego to pursue his passion for fashion.

Measuring Up
Meet Bonobos, the menswear store that provides shoppers with ice-cold beers from Stone Brewery when they walk in, and then sends them packing sans baggage. Now open at Westfield UTC, the e-tailer’s minimalist-hip Guideshop reinvents traditional retail therapy.

Hang On
Taking a deep breath can help solve more than one “problem” when working out at Grotto Climbing & Yoga, an indoor rock climbing/yoga gym that opened mid-December in Grantville.

It’s in the Bag
Your post-holiday baggage has met its match… in the form of a 20-pound croissant. Saying goodbye to love handles starts with grabbing the handles of one of these crescent-shaped, calorie-crunching Bulgarian Bags on the extensive fitness menu at Point Loma Sports Club.

The Wheel Deal
Eardrum-busting beats, trippy LED lights and a serious perspiration party that’ll burn more calories than brain cells — when was the last time you pedaled and pumped alongside your DJ? Such an EDM experience might be the last thing you’d expect in La Jolla, but that’s where playlist-powered SPARKCYCLE debuted in May.

The MMA Way
No fighting’s allowed at UFC Gym, but step into the new San Carlos facility on a Monday afternoon and you’ll quickly forget the acronym’s meaning. At the center of UFC’s logo-emblazoned octagon, a handful of enthusiastic elementary-aged boys hardly evoke the mixed martial arts world’s “hyper-aggressive” machismo.

It’s Alright to Stair
Luv Surf is making a real business out of California dreamin’. Born from a Mission Beach-based vacation rental company’s clothing and souvenir shop, the local label is now riding onto the shelves at Nordstrom.